Friday, November 14, 2008

Chuck Berry

Lanjutan dari usaha same gokun di youtube. baru aku tau ade lg legend y aku x tau. And what make it worst is he still alife!! Chuck berry. Paktam yang sgt disegani dlm irama rock and roll sejak zaman 60-an. Smpi skarang mamat ni masih giat mengguris gitar artcore merah dia. His greatest hit called johny B Goode mmg mantop n meletop! Another one is 'Carol'. If we watch the 'back to future' movie, kompom igt lagu ni. Byk blues and rock n roll present and lepas tu mmg influenced ngn die ni. Otai2 macam Jimi hendrix, Elton John, SRV, and John Lennon sume tabik spring ngn mamat ni. Firstly sebab lagu die ni best2. then bleh plak nyanyi n play guitar at the same time. Then ade byk signature move. Kire xde a tepacak je men gita. So here are some vids for those yang masih blum knal. What make me kagum n terkesima watching the vids is how this almost 80 years old man (I guess) still strong holding his heavy weight guitar sambil bleh dance2 n nyanyi. Main gita mcm tenagh makan nasik. bleh sambil2 tgk youtube lak. His vocal is still great though. Hopefully before I graduated tolong la die wat tour Us pastu singgah BJC. Mmg senang hati la kalo keje backstage time tu. Down here are two vids. One is when the early days of him while he was still gagah and lincah majid. Then another one is the tutorial lesson that I thought really useful for those guitar player newbie like me. So motivation for today is mari belajar men lagu ni!

Chuck berry - Johny B Goode(1958)

Guitar Lesson

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