Monday, January 11, 2010

hows ur winter?

its superbly great!

1. never go to westcoast or florida or bahamas during winter. its still effing freezing.

2. go to south america or hawaii or mexico.

3. in florida, alligator is friendly to human, they even say hi to u. (manage to have pictures with them within 5 feet). compare to crocs. they eat people.

4. never go to atlanta alone. pak tam dimana mana.

5. if u go from state college to kentucky, on ur way u will see London.

6. dekat border north and south carolina, there is a small vegas.

7. driving tips:
  • a-taking pictures/video while driving can overcome sleepiness.
  • b-singing out loud also can.
  • c-mocha w/ xtra caffeine is better than coffee in staying awake.
  • d-cruise control for toyota cars always the best. they have like joystick under the stearing that u can play in speed control
  • e-nissan versa sucks big time.
  • f-breaking will cancel the cruise, toggle it to the front will make ur speed back to the previous one. so, no need to set it back or make a new one.
  • g-instead if u toggle it to the back, it will set a new cruise speed.
  • h-also if u increase speed to overtook, when u release back, the speed will go back to the set.
  • i-never high beam while overtook. they will get mad and kill u, especially big trucks(samseng dorg nih).
8. even its always cloudy and cold, ketumpatan warna kulit semakin bertambah. mengapa ya?

9. saya sayang farhah

10. lagy gaga- bad romance , lagu tema ketika trip.

11. feeling like covering dewa.

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