Tuesday, February 16, 2010


1.gigi baru yang keluar menjadikan aku kurang fasih ketika mengunyah.
popping sound come out from my left jaw this morning.
i think thats why some people get rid of their wisdom teeth.
well, i ll give my jaw sometimes to adapt with it.
we human have heal and adaptation mechanism. so let it be.

2.went into hujan myspace and found this.

i guess they will perform during midwest games. cool!

3. yesterday is the 4th game of the volley tourney. so far 1-3.
not bad huh. we supposed to win yesterday since the opponent is not that good.
well, we not really into the game until the 3rd set of the game. lambat nk panas.
winter la katekan. next week i guess we need to come early and play a game or two before competing.

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