Wednesday, April 8, 2009

keris patah

since nothing to do tonite and my 9 am class tmrw is cancelled, I approached some people doing some covers at youtube. and found out that these guy is adik faizal tahir and akbar(one time penah nyanyi ngn yassin). mmg cacat budak nih. x bleh blah punye budak. haha. then i tried to play it once and suddently mengidam nk buat cover. daymnn suke buang mase aku ni.
so enjoy both vids.

apprently Youtube have some cool features that we can add some notations anywhere we want. aku br perasan bile tgk video si anastahir ni. also we can swap the audio kat sini. limit pun da sampai 1gig. so nanti aku agak dalam 5 or 7 tahun maybe da buleh edit the whole video dlm youtube n trus directly upload. x yah da software2 ni.

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